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繼續帶大家眼睛去旅行~ 呢日我地去江之島~

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Lester Cheung : Mai比Jason更熟悉香港,Jason比Mai更熟悉日本
Timothy Cheung : 恭喜租樓完成 婆婆身體健康,見到富士山好靚
z : 呢個位正正係Slam dunk的OP,經典
Jason Cheng : 有婆婆就要like
Freeman Yip : 諗住睇日本旅行片可以止癮,但係就越睇越想去

Jason and his Home Alone Story

Jason and Alex are headed to the cinema, but something happens and Jason is Home Alone. Here's some advice and useful tips of what to do when you're home alone!
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Jason Belmonte strikes back in the Players Championship West Region Finals | PBA on FOX

Jason Belmonte takes down Cortez Schenck, Wesley Low Jr., Jake Peter and Jakob Butturff to win the Players Championship West Region Finals.

#FOXSports #PBA #JasonBelmonte

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Jason Belmonte strikes back in the Players Championship West Region Finals | PBA on FOX

Fox Sports
FOX Sports : What were your thoughts on Jason Belmonte's performance here?
Eliana Watson : I'm one of ASU's bowlers, and seeing Coach Jake wearing ASU colors on his first TV appearance of the year really made me smile. I'm sad the right lane wasn't doing him justice today, but I'm happy he had me and my teammates / coaches in mind while battling it out against Jason. :)
imYopped : havnt seen belmo bowl that good in years, was on fire all 4 games.
Tyler Tomaszewski : Glad he’s back. The spare ball is
King Katuunko : So awesome seeing Cortez already making shows. Remember bowling junior gold on his shift a few times.




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